collaboration work with adam hawk, blacksmith

academic environment with peers from various media of interests and backgrounds has been encouaging me to stay open to different opportunities. I enjoy a series of work by adam hawk, a graduate student in blacksmithing, and we discussed a possibility of collaboration. in colors and qualities of materials, we thought the elements of my porcelain and his steel would compliment well each other, and we agreed that we exchange ideas and works throughout our last year of the program in order to develop a group of work.

fall of 2007, the first series of our experimental studies, titled "better than III," were shown at the vergette gallery at siuc. with addition of new pieces, another show titled "better than III - II" is now scheduled at art alley at siuc student center, and also the show may travel to hattiesburg, ms and memphis, tn for spring 2008 before our end-of-year show in may.

we are looking for other exhibiting opportunities. please contact us for possible space and time.